Baldwin Lawmakers Continue To Work To Help For Dairy Farmers

The hope is the Senate will vote on funding bills with in the next couple of days, including the agriculture appropriations bill.  Senator Tammy Baldwin, a Wisconsin Democrat, says lawmakers are working to include help in the bill for dairy farmers.


“The agriculture bill is about to be voted on, but I’ve been working hard to focus in on some of the extraordinary challenges that our dairy farmers have been facing.”


Baldwin said there’s two provisions that were included in the 2018 Farm Bill she’s hopeful will receive increased funding.


“The Farmers First Act supports local mental health resources and expands access to stress reduction strategies for people who work in agriculture.  And we have worked hard to get $3 million to support the Farmers First Act in the upcoming agriculture appropriates bill and I’m actually fighting to increase that.”


And the other piece of legislation is the Dairy Business Innovation Act.


More information can be found about the Dairy Business Innovation Act as well as Farmers First Act.



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