Greenhouse Remains Top Commodity In Oregon

According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Greenhouse and nursery products remain supreme n the Beaver Sate.  Figures compiled by ODA, Oregon State University and NASS, show greenhouse and nursery products had an annual value of nearly a billion dollars in 2018.  Not only did the sector see a sizeable year over year increase, but Oregon is  now one of the top three nursery production states in the U.S.


Coming in second, Cattle and Calves, with a production value totaling more than $652 million, down from the $695 million reported a year earlier.  Hay, the state’s #3 commodity showed a slight increase.  Grass seed moved into the #4 spot, while milk dropped to #5, coming in with a value of $473 million.


Here is the complete breakdown of the top 20 Commodities in Oregon in 2018:

  • Greenhouse & nursery $995,950,000
  • Cattle & calves $652,063,000
  • Hay $590,414,000
  • Grass seed $517,406,000
  • Milk $473,297,000
  • Wheat $298,465,000
  • Grapes for wine $208,726,000
  • Potatoes $201,690,000
  • Blueberries $180,730,000
  • Pears $140,966,000
  • Christmas Trees $119,979,000
  • Onions $100,339,000
  • Hazelnuts $91,800,000
  • Eggs $85,136,000
  • Dungeness crab $74,527,000
  • Cherries $70,835,000
  • Hops $69,855,000
  • Apples $55,180,000
  • Sweet Corn $44,492,000
  • Mint for oil $39,523,000

*Hemp is not included in the agricultural commodities list. Before the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was not federally recognized as a legal agricultural commodity, therefore data was not collected.



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