Newhouse: Washington Wine Industry Has Really Bright Future

Last month, Washington state Liquor and Cannabis Board announced that the 1,000th winery license had been issued in the state.  Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse is the Co-Chair of the Congressional Wine Caucus, and said the industry has enjoyed incredible growth across the entire Evergreen state over the past couple of decades.  He added wine and viticulture is truly a bright spot in Washington agriculture.


“I just see a really bright future for the wine industry.  Like I said, we have an ideal climate and geographical conditions, our soils are unique, and there’s a growing following of wines that originate in the state of Washington and we’ve got a really bright future.”


Newhouse, a wine grape grower himself, said the industry is a fun one to be a part of, and he enjoys the opportunity to promote Washington wine in D.C and nationally.



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