USDA: Ag Exports Remain Lower

The final numbers are in for fiscal year 2019, and when you look at Ag imports and Ag exports between October through September, you’ll notice the same theme repeating itself: imports up, exports down.  USDA International Trade Economist, Kamron Daugherty, said the fiscal year ended in September with exports coming in at $10.3 billion, the lowest month of fiscal year 2019, and the lowest export month since June of 2016.


“Exports were down $7.9 billion from fiscal year 2018 at $135.6 billion. Imports were up $3.4 billion at $130.9 billion,” Daugherty noted.  “And we had our trade balance down 11.3 billion dollars at $4.6 billion.”

The smallest yearly trade surplus in 13 years.  Sales of corn, soy beans, and cotton down from the previous year.  However, wheat sales shot up by 3%.



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