Taxes Remain Chief Concern For Washington Farm Bureau Heading In To New Session

The Washington Farm Bureau’s Mike La Plant says one of the best parts of 2019 from an Ag perspective is, the year is almost over.


The WFB President said this has been a challenging year for growers across the state.  He said weather was very challenging with the February blast of winter east of the Cascades, to dry conditions across western Washington throughout much of the year, and a cold wet harvest.  On top of the weather problems, Washington farmers also had to deal with trade uncertainty, the trade war with China and much more.


“The tariffs especially early on for apples, and alfalfa hay, and hay products, and that kind of thing really put a damper on the trade flow.  I think in a lot of cases that has subsided quite a bit and they’re back going full steam again.”


With a new legislative session looming around the corner for Washington, what are the issues that concern the Farm Bureau?  La Plant added the continual push for low carbon fuel standards, and carbon taxes are at the top of the list.


“Tax in general is what we’re mostly concerned with.  But like Tome [Davis] said, I think just about every issue will come back: pesticide regulations, I think we’ll see another attempt at the H2-A fee stuff.”


La Plant said it will be even more important in 2020 that the farming community get off the sidelines, be vocal and let Olympia know how proposed legislation will impact their families, livelihoods and communities.





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