Active Weather Should Move Fog Out, Bring Showers In

The first half of November has been still for many stretches of the Inland Northwest.  In fact, the region has seen such little wind and atmospheric movement over the past two weeks, much of that time has been under an Air Stagnation Advisory of some kind.  But it looks like that will be changing in the coming days.


“Maybe a couple of days of a little break, maybe only some patchy fog through mid- to late-week, then it does look like we’ll have a couple more systems coming through during the week and into early next week and that might provide enough mechanism to keep things kind of stirred up and maybe hold the fog at bay a little bit,” said Marilyn Lohmann meteorologist with the National Weather.


She added while the low pressure systems will keep the air cleaner, she say unfortunately, they won’t bring a lot of rain.  In fact she says most places will see less than a ¼” of rain the coming days, and snow elevations will remain at or above 5,500’.  And she quickly noted the Inland Northwest could use some rain.


“I think we have to go back to almost mid-October before we had very significant precipitation across the area,” Lohmann said.





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