Revell: Roza Crews Will Be Busy With Construction Work Over Next Three Months

Now that most of the main lines and canals are clear of water, officials with the Roza Irrigation District can turn their attention to a host of construction and improvement projects across the area.  Roza Executive Director Scott Revell said crews have a long to do list in front of them, and not a lot of time.


“We’ll be piping a later canal, we’re replacing a bunch of 40 year old meters, we have a series of canal reshaping projects both by district crews and with a couple of contractors, so there’s some significant work that’s going to happen.”


Revell said they have a roughly 145 day window from when water is shut off in the fall to when it’s turned back on in the middle of March.  And they know they will have some weather complications over the next three months, which means crews will be very busy, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at them in the weeks ahead.



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