Over 300 Ag Groups Throw Support Behind Newhouse Ag Labor Legislation

On Monday, over 300 Ag groups sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy supporting House Resolution 5038, better known as  the Farm Workforce Modernization Act.  The bipartisan legislation led by Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse, Zoe Lofgren and Jimmy Panetta, both from California, as well as Idaho’s Mike Simpson and Florida’s Mario Diaz-Balart, addresses the labor shortage many in the farming community face, as well as address many of the bureaucratic hurdles workers face when coming or staying in the United States.


The legislation was negotiated over several months with input from agricultural stakeholders and labor organizations and was introduced with the support of 26 Democrats and 23 Republicans.


“The support and guidance of agricultural stakeholders and industry groups was absolutely vital as we negotiated and introduced the Farm Workforce Modernization Act,”  Newhouse said. “Now, as the bill continues to move through Congress, I am grateful these groups are stepping up to let House leadership know how important this bipartisan effort is for farmers across the United States who are facing a critical labor shortage.”


“The agriculture community is the backbone of Idaho’s economy,” Simpson added. “Having their input throughout this process has been key to ensuring this legislation meets their needs for a legal workforce. I am pleased that hundreds of groups across the country are lending their voices to pass this  critical bill and I look forward to continuing to work with them through the legislative process to provide our farmers and ranchers with a solution to their workforce needs.”


The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to mark up H.R. 5038 Wednesday, November 20th.



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