USDA: Food Prices Show Modest Year Over Year Increases

It may be similar to watching grass grow, but food prices at the grocery store nationwide are climbing.  But it’s happening in very small increments.  For example, last week’s new consumer price index which covers October 2018 to October 2019.


“Food at home increased a third of a percent since last month,” said USDA Economist Gianna Short. “It’s up 1% since October of 2018.”

Short added not many products are costing less than last year but there are a few, such as eggs which reported an 8.7% year over year decrease.  There are some that saw a more modest decrease, including pork chops and most poultry, peanut butter, coffee and fresh fruit to name a few.

So, what moved higher?


“Potatoes actually had a big increase compared to last year. Potatoes are up 8.9%; lettuce is up 8%.”


But again, Short noted that overall, grocery store food prices increased just 1% year over year.



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