Washington Christmas Tree Growers In the Holiday Spirit Year Round

Thanksgiving is still more than a week away, but many producers are already in the Christmas spirit.  Actually, for the hundreds of Christmas tree farms across the Evergreen State, its Christmas time 24/7/365.


“Pruning throughout the year, at several different times to get that nice traditional Christmas tree cone shape, as well as looking for pests making sure they are fertilized that they have enough water, so Christmas tree growers, they really do celebrate that spirit of Christmas all year long,” said the Washington state Department of Agriculture’s Karla Salp.


For the trees that are purchased locally, the process is very easy.  For those that are shipped out of state or internationally, the process is a little more complicated, as the WSDA must inspect exported trees.  That inspection requires a certain percentage of those trees be shaken to ensure pests are not trying to sneak out of the state.


And while it may be weeks away, when you prepare to purchase your Christmas tree, Salp said one of the best things you can do is; buy local.


“Keep an eye out for any type of unusual disease or pest that might be in that tree and shipped into state.  That actually happened last year, where we discovered there was a disease that we don’t have here in Washington that was brought in on Christmas trees from another state.”


Washington ranks fourth nationally in the production of Christmas trees, with all of those trees grown on about 400 tree farms statewide.  Noble and Douglas fir trees are the most popular Christmas trees sold in Washington, accounting for 90% of all sales.


Many of Washington’s Christmas trees end up in Hawaii, California, Canada, Mexico, Asia, and U.S. military bases worldwide.



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