Quiet Weather Expected In Front of Holiday Week

The big weather maker for much of the region this weekend, and even to start this week was the fog.  Thanks to stagnate air, we saw fog, sometimes very thick develop across the Inland Northwest.  Marilyn Lohmann with the National Weather Service said while that fog reduced visibility and made driving hard over the weekend, the biggest disappointment was the the rain, or lack of it.


“You know, we we’re expecting a whole lot, but like I said, most areas, if the got 0.1”, maybe 0.2” they were lucky, and unfortunately looking out at the rest of this week, and into the weekend, our next weather system probably won’t be coming at us until the weekend, and it’s only expected to bring maybe 0.1” the region as well.”


Lohmann said the region is unfortunately dry when taking a look at the water year, and it does not look like that will change anytime soon.  When looking over the next week, she expects that we’ll see dry, cooler, conditions, with less fog, thanks to a northerly flow.  And as we look ahead to Thanksgiving week, Marilyn says temperatures will be cooler than normal, but precipitation could return to average, meaning we could see some rain, and perhaps even snow showers across the Inland Northwest.




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