AFBF: MFP Not Ideal But It Is Helping Farmers

The USDA announced last week that the second round of the Market Facilitation Program payments will go out to eligible producers just before Thanksgiving.  Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue, and many others in the farming community have said while the payments have been of assistance, producers would much rather have trade than aid.  Something with which the American Farm Bureau’s Veronica Nigh agrees.


“Absolutely we’d like to get all of our income from the markets. But in the case where we have this disruption for the last couple for years; our members are eager to see those issues worked out long term. But in the short term, certainly appreciate this sort of bridge to go to tomorrow.”


Nigh added MFP payments resulting from trade disruptions will assist producers in securing operating capital for next growing season.


“When I’m a producer and I’m looking at what my net farm income has been just from actual sales, and I’m going in to the bank and I’m trying to get an operating loan to get through the next year,” Nye said.  “Certainly those payments are comforting to the person across the desk from them making those loan decisions.”



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