U.S. Holsteins: Genetics Allow For Unlimited Potential

At Our-Favorite Holsteins in Wisconsin, the decision to genomic test a promising heifer calf would go on to chart a new course for the family dairy. Todd Stanek shares this story of this transformational Holstein cow.


“We had a cow that I couldn’t walk away from. Her name was Unlimited. We thought it was just a beautiful calf. We genomic tested, not really thinking nothing of it. But I remember the day when the results came back. She was the number one Holstein in the world for type. Today, I am proud to say I think she’s totally lived up to her genomic prediction. I would guess to say that genetics from this farm are in every state in the United States and every country of the world, and that’s as big as an impact as you’re going to make.”


Continuing the legacy of elite genetics, Our-Favorite Holsteins today are proud to be part of Holstein Association USA’s marketing program: Holstein Marketplace Sires. They’re offering semen on Our-Favorite Charisma-ET, a grandson of Unlimited.


“We’re happy to have a bull join Holstein Marketplace. For me as a breeder, if people buy the bull I think it’s an attractive way to market a bull. We have a King Doc son, I think he’s a bull that fits pretty much everybody’s breeding program, if you are a free stall operation or a small farm that likes type. We think this bull should intrigue a lot of people and fit a lot of markets.”


Our-Favorite Charisma-ET offers unlimited type to Registered Holstein breeders—coming from his bloodline that is one of the highest ranked Registered Holstein type pedigrees in the world.


“Genetics, to me, was always the really fun part of all of this,” said Todd’s son, Cade Stanek.  “There’s a wide variety of things in this industry. It’s what makes Registered Holsteins unique. There’s not one way to do something. We always liked cows with high, wide rear udders, tall, dairy cows that could make a lot of milk. You know, bigger cows. So we kinda went with what was going to make us happy.”


By participating in Holstein Association USA and taking advantage of new technology, like genomic testing, Our-Favorite Holsteins has been able to write a new future for the family farm, one that is full of promise and opportunity.


“Unlimited, one cow, has kept this farm going. I didn’t retire and he didn’t go back to school, we are both still here farming. And we will do it as long as we can make it work.”




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