Warnick: More Must Be Done To Help Young Farmers Purchase Land

State Senator Judy Warnick said she has some concerns when it comes to the future of the agriculture industry in Washington.  She said she’s concerned many family farms will go under because of tedious and unneeded regulation from Olympia, which drives her during the legislative session and when lawmakers are out of session as well.


Warnick added she’s also concerned from the perspective of how challenging it is for young farmers to purchase property to have an operation of their own.  She added the state’s not making more farmland, which makes a challenging situation even worse.


“Since we took over our family farm, the price has gone up a couple thousand [dollars] an acre.  Farmers just don’t have the financial backing to be able to do that, especially young ones.  And if you not a child or a grandchild of a farmer, it’s very difficult to buy in to it.”


So, what need to be done?


Warnick says it’s imperative that Olympia and D.C. give the next generation of farmers additional funds or alternative finances.  She added she’s confidence if those young farmers are given the opportunity, they will “more than answer the call”.


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