Franklin County Helping Landowners Go After Noxious Weeds

Franklin County is looking to help landowners fight noxious weeds, thanks to the Cost Share Program.  Todd Harris, Franklin County Noxious Weed Control Program Coordinator says they target four weeds through the Cost Share Program: burnt skeleton weed, diffuse knapweed, yellow starthistle and scotch thistle.  He said if left unchecked the noxious weeds can do a lot of damage across the Columbia Basin.


“Any kind of a noxious weed has a very deep tap root, that will rob moisture from the grasses that would otherwise feed cattle.  And that’s really the main area that we see them.  Out ground areas around crop ground can be also infested with those as well.”


Enrollment in the Cost Share Program started December 3rd, which is earlier than in years past.  Harris said the hope is by doing it earlier, the County will inform landowners in a shorter amount of time how much funding their will receive through the Cost Share Program.  And he noted, the Program is becoming more popular with Franklin County landowners.


“Whatever we can help them with is essentially a bonus to them and make it a lot more, feasible for them to go out and do that noxious weed control.”


Harris says landowners need to act quickly, since enrollment is already open, and the County plans to cap acres at 4,000 this year.  To learn more, visit Franklin County’s Website, or (509) 545-3847.







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