Apple Commission Celebrating First Ever Apple Week

Now through Friday, the Washington Apple Commission is celebrating the first worldwide Washington Apple Week.  The event, according to the Commission celebrates the high quality apples grown in the state.  The Commission’s Toni Lynn Adams said the week long event is a new way to kick off the export season and generate excitement about the new apple crop.


“We have a bountiful crop of safe, healthy and delicious fruit to share with the world, and in this exclusive campaign, we’ll be spreading the message to consumers about the story of Washington apples, in a campaign entitled “From Our Trees To Your Table”.  It is building a direct relationship between the state’s growers and the end consumer.”


Eight growers have been selected to be Washington Apple Brand Ambassadors:

  • Andy Arnold
  • Carlos Lopez
  • John Freese
  • Jose Ramirez
  • Lindsey Morrison
  • Dave and Karla Robison
  • James Foreman.


Teams will travel to Mexico, Southeast Asia and India.  1,260 growers are responsible for 128 million boxes of apples each year, feeding people not only in the U.S., but internationally as week.



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