USDA Begins 2019 Organic Survey

NASS will mail letters with survey codes this December to more than 22,000 organic producers nationwide.  Specifically, the surveys target producers involved in certified or transitioning to certified organic farming for the 2019 Organic Survey.  Each producer who self-reported organic farming in the 2017 Census of Agriculture will receive a unique survey code to respond conveniently online and to be represented in this once-every-five-year data.


Chris Mertz with NASS said this survey builds on the initial information gathered in the 2017 Census of Ag.


“The types of practices that they participate in, crops that are grown, and different challenges that they face as well.  It’s a chance for a more detailed study.”


The deadline to respond is January 10th.  Results will be available in October 2020.


Producers who receive the 2019 Organic Survey are required to respond by federal law, as this survey is part of the Census of Agriculture Program. The same federal law that requires response also requires NASS to keep all individual information confidential. The deadline for response is January 10, 2020. Results will be available in October 2020.


Visit NASS’ Website for more information about the Organic Survey.


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