Real Meat Act Introduced in Senate

On Wednesday, lawmakers in the Senate introduced the Real MEAT Act, a bill seeking to end deceptive labeling practices for alternative protein products.  Senator Deb Fischer, a Nebraska Republican, introduced the bill saying it would clarify the definition of beef for labeling purposes, eliminate consumer confusion resulting from misbranding, and ensure that the federal government can enforce the law.


Fischer said, “Beef is derived from cattle—period.”  She added the legislation will stop so-called fake-meat companies from misleading consumers about “the nutritional merits and ingredient composition of their products.”


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association applauded the introduction of the legislation.   NCBA President Jennifer Houston says the bill will “allow cattle producers to compete on a level playing field.”   NCBA found in a study that 55% of consumers did not understand that “plant-based beef” wasn’t beef at all, but instead an entirely vegan or vegetarian product.


The Senate bill is a companion to similar legislation in the House.



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