Waters: Now The Time To Fight Pests In Vegetable Crops

We haven’t celebrated Christmas yet, but Washington State University’s Dr. Tim Waters says it’s already time to think about pest management in your vegetable crop.  Waters, and Oregon State’s Dr. Stewart Wright recently talked about insect management, specifically when it comes to thrips.  Waters noted more and more vegetable growers understand the importance of focusing on pest management well before spring planting.


“So, it’s kind of a normal thing for them to think about during the growing season, but we’re also seeing growers think about it more in the winter season which we like, so we want them to come up with a plan in the winter and then we want them to…change that plan based on what they’re finding in the field.”


Waters said whether its thrips, seed corn maggot, or something else, successful growers are innovative and flexible.


“If you come up with these ridged programs, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.  And with what it costs to grow a crop, you can’t afford to fall on your face very many times.  So, it’s important to be flexible especially with theses pests that can cause huge economic losses,” Waters continued.






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