Storms Creating Even More Delays In the Midwest

The same weather system that brought rains and tornadoes to the southeastern U.S. dumped snow on the middle Mississippi valley and lower Midwest leaving many fields a mess.  USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey said Midwest farmers still have about 7% or 8% of their corn crops in the field


“And it’s gonna be a long time before anybody in the Midwest is able to get back into the fields for any remaining harvest activities of corn and soybeans.”


Because as Rippey pointed out, in many places getting equipment in the field to do any harvesting is just about impossible at this point.  And Rippey said the long-range forecast for the winter is calling for additional storms, more mud, and more planting delays come spring.  Meanwhile the snow and rain in the central plains; positive for winter wheat in fields that had been drying out.


“This moisture will soak in to the ground and provide some much needed moisture and insulation for the future of the crop as we head through the remainder of the winter and in to next spring,” Rippey continued.


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