End Of Year Busy For Customs And Border Protection

For customs and border protection, the holidays are a busy time of year.


“We have seen in past Decembers going all the way back through my career and even before me that people have a higher likelihood of bringing something of agricultural interest,” said Kevin Harriger with Customs and Border Protection’s Agriculture Programs and Trade Liason Office.


Harriger said people entering the country must declare what they are bringing.


And even if they declare these things they may be prohibited or regulated,” Harriger noted.  “I still need to inspect or examine some part of that. Not physically touching the food in every instance, but I have to make a regulatory decision as to whether or not that product that you’re brining from wherever you’re coming from is enterable in to the United States.”


Many agricultural and food items can bring damaging pests and diseases into the United States.  For a list of what can and cannot be brought into the U.S., check out the Customs and Border Protection’s Website.



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