High Stakes, High Rewards Ahead for Hemp Production

Many farmers across the country are spending time thinking about the potential pitfalls and the possible opportunities that hemp production can offer them.  AgWeb.com says many are taking the leap into hemp production.


Colorado farmer Dion Oakes said, “Hemp has a very promising outlook for farmers as a rotational cash crop that can be very viable for them.”


Looking ahead to the New Year, four states, Idaho, South Dakota, Mississippi, and New Hampshire, haven’t made it legal to grow industrial hemp within their borders.  U.S. Hemp Growers Association Executive Director Caren Wilcox says she expects those four states to move toward legalizing it sometime next year.


Wilcox said farmers will need time to relearn how to grow the crop.  She added it will be important to get advice and counsel from those farmers who have hemp growing experience.  Make sure to source where your seed comes from. She says farmers have to know their state’s regulations. The other big piece of advice is to have a customer lined up before planting their first crop.



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