Dry Start To 2020 For The Northwest

It’s only January, but we’re already talking about drought across the Inland Northwest.  According to USDA, over 83% of Washington is in the D0, or Abnormally Dry category.  Meanwhile nearly 32% of the Evergreen state is in the D1, or Moderate Drought category.  Only 16% of the state is on par where it could be for this time of year.


Things are much dryer in Oregon, where 97% of the state is considered Abnormally Dry for this time of year.  Nearly 25% of the state is under a Moderate Drought, including the NE corner.  Less than 3% of Oregon is where it should be moisture wise this time of year.


2020 figures are not dissimilar from 2019’s numbers.


This time last year, we saw similar soil moisture readings across Washington, and things were much worse in Oregon, were the entire state Abnormally Dry, with 78% of the state under a Severe Drought declaration.



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