Study Shows Farmers are Paying Higher Wages Than Ever Before

According to a recent study conducted by Farm Journal, farmers are paying more in wages than at any point in history.  The study says producers are more efficient in using their available labor, however, the ag industry still reports frustration.


The survey of more than 2,100 farmers included almost 200 dairy farmers.  Of the total producers, 87% say they pay more in wages than they did five years ago.  While 58% of the employers have offered higher wages to attract labor, few can and do offer benefits.  Just 20% of the farmers offer health insurance, and almost 45% offer their employees paid time off.  A handful of the dairy farmers in the survey says they milk their cows with robotics. But, the majority of the dairy farmers say milking help is the hardest position to both fill and retain employees.


Farmers say their biggest frustrations are those who show up late, don’t show up at all, or don’t follow protocols in place. They say the best employees have a sense of ownership, which is easier to say than to find.



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