Will Hemp Growers Be Able To Use USDA Programs?

Will hemp grower be able to take advantage of USDA programs like growers of other commodities?  The first step, according to USDA Undersecretary, Bill Northey, hemp producers will need to file an acreage report with the FSA.


“That’s typically done after spring plantings are complete so that would be likely next summer in many cases or late spring.”


Northey added rolling out a new commodity involves a host of different agencies.


“We’ll also need the USDA state or tribal productions license or authorization number. And they’ll need to identify each field or sub-field for lot; even greenhouses on which hemp is being grown. They’ll also need to detail the intended use for that hemp; whether it’s fiber, or grain, or seed, or other processing,” Northey added.

The programs include loans, crop insurance, disaster assistance, and conservation.  To learn more, visit Farmers.gov




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