Report: Removing Snake River Dams Would Increase Carbon Emissions & Hurt Local Economies

How much would it cost to remove the Snake River dams?  According to a recent report, more than you might think.


A recent study commissions by the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association said removing the four Lower Snake River dams to improve salmon runs would cost $2.3 billion over the next 30 years, boost state carbon emissions and jeopardize already fragile local and regional economies.  According to The Daily News in Longview the study took a look at how breaching those dams would impact regional and national transportation; infrastructure; air quality; safety; and tax revenue.


The study, used data from state agencies in Washington and Idaho, as well as interviewed 14 people close to the situation, including farmers, shippers, port managers and Ag trade groups.  According to the report, breaching the dams would require at least 201 additional trains and 23.8 million miles in additional trucking activity annually to maintain current shipping activities.  And to accommodate the increased rail and truck shipping, the federal government would need to invest between $1.17 billion and $2 billion for road and rail improvements.


Click Here to read the entire article from The Daily News.



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