USMEF Excited To Regain in U.S. Market Share In Japan

This is an exciting time at the U.S. Meat Export Federation.  And Vice President of Marketing Jesse Austin said the buzz is thanks exclusively to the new U.S./Japan trade agreement that went into effect January 1st.  Austin said having the tariff disadvantage removed will be a huge benefit that can’t be ignored.


“That optimism is not only from the end user, but among our staff there in Tokyo.  Everybody is really excited about the future in Japan.  Excited to be aggressive about the market activities, where we’re going to employ a lot more face time with the end users and we’re going to coordinate with the suppliers and distributors to recapture some of the market share we’ve lost.”


He noted the trade deal allows USMEF to return their focus on the best meat products around.


“Historically Japan has been the most consistent and reliable trading partner for American agriculture and we intend to keep it that way,” Austin continued.



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