NCBA’s Take On Growing Alternative Proteins Industry

Cattlemen across the Northwest and across the country are watching the growing number of alternative proteins coming on the market.  How’s the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association responding when it comes to the regulatory front as well as PR?


“We’ve got a really great story, and the data is on our side, and so is the scientific evidence,” said the NBCA’s Danielle Beck.  “And so, we at NCBA are encouraging our producers to continue sharing their story.  Because if you look at beef consumption this year, this is the fourth year in a row that consumption and demand for beef has increased, it’s at an all-time high.  Consumers love beef, they want to continue eating beef, and they just need a reason to feel good to continue doing so.”


Some supporters, as well as producers of alternative proteins claim the product is more environmentally friendly, a claim Beck says can’t be supported.


“Show me your data,” Beck stated.  “If you look at what these companies are saying, their life cycle assessments are based in sound science.  Beef has a really great story to tell, especially when it comes to the environmental foot print.  You know they CEOs were saying they want to put animal agriculture out of business have yet to really consider what sort of wide spread ramifications there would be.”


Ramification not only on rangeland that is not suitable for crop production.  And the economic impact on so many communities that depend on cattle and livestock production.


On the regulatory front, Beck said NCBA is hopeful when the issue of labeling comes up, that the word imitation is included to ensure consumers know just what they are getting.




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