Passing USMCA Very Important To U.S Dairy Industry

Many in the Ag sector are hopeful ratification of USMCA can happen sooner rather than later. One group that is especially interested in getting the updated NAFTA through Congress is the U.S. Dairy industry, which is impacted by various Canadian policies that would be eliminated under USMCA.


“And that, of course, will open up opportunities in Canada, and it will also result in the elimination of Class Seven, which of course will assist us as well in maintaining a decent price for powder,” said U.S. Dairy Export Council CEO, and former USDA Secretary Tom Vilsak.


And Tim Trotter of EDGE Dairy Cooperative adds when determining U.S. Dairy’s two largest export markets, “40% of our exports go to Canada and Mexico, so that’s vital to us.”


With USMCA believed to maintain current levels of Mexican market access, while gaining access in the Canadian marketplace.


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