2019 Hay Production Dropped In Washington, Up In Oregon, Idaho

According to NASS the amount of hay produced across the northwest dropped last year.  All hay harvested in Washington totaled 640,000 acres, down 16% from 2018.  Production totaled 2.45 million tons, down 11% from last year.  Yield is estimated at 3.83 tons per acre, up 0.19 tons per acre from 2018.


In Oregon, all hay harvested totaled 970,000 acres, down 3% year over year.  Production totaled 3.36 million tons, up 10% percent from a year ago.  Yield is estimated at 3.47 tons per acre, up 0.41 tons from 2018.


All hay harvested in Idaho totaled 1.30 million acres, down 3% from 2018.  All hay production totaled 5.11 million tons, up 2% from last year.  Yield is estimated at 3.93 tons per acre, up 0.18 tons from 2018.



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