Ag, Non-Ag Support Dams At Know The Dam Facts

 An estimated 150 people were in Pasco Monday night, rallying to support the Snake River Dams.

The Know The Dam Facts Rally, organized by the Tri-Cities Legislative Council, was held ahead of the Governor Jay Inslee’s Snake River dams workshop.  TCLC said the rally was organized when it was announced the workshops would not include the opportunity for public comment.


“These dams are critical to our environmental goals, our economy, and our way of life,” said Jason Herbert, Chair of the Tri-Cities Legislative Council. “It’s important for the people of the Tri-Cities to have a seat at the table and to have their voices heard.”


The rally featured remarks from a broad coalition of industry experts, local leaders, farmers, and working families who believe in preserving Snake River dams. Speakers emphasized studies highlighting the many potential negative environmental and economic impacts if the dams were removed.


Todd Myers, Environmental Director for the Washington Policy Center, sent the following statement after he was unable to attend due to weather conditions:

“Destroying the Snake River dams would be a deadly distraction [from salmon], diverting time and money from the most effective salmon recovery efforts, and would do little to increase populations in the Snake and Columbia rivers. If we don’t prioritize based on science, salmon and communities across the region will pay the price.”


Representatives Dan Newhouse and Cathy McMorris Rodgers sent videos from Washington, D.C., praising the benefits our dams provide to our economy and the critical role of hydropower in our clean-energy future.



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