WSU’s 2020 Women In Ag Conference Coming Up At Month’s End

Women across the Northwest are encouraged to learn how to run resilient farms and business while enhancing their own health at Washington State University’s 2020 Women in Agriculture conference.  This year’s event will take place January 25th, at 31 locations across Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and even Alaska and Hawaii.  WSU’s Margaret Viebrock said this year’s theme is “Healthy Farms”, which will help women across the rejoin learn how to cultivate personal resiliency when handling the ups and downs in Ag.  She noted stresses can run the gamut, from weather, lenders, yields, regulation and even family.


“We’re looking at mindfulness in terms of helping the women be calm and contented and centered.  And that’s kind of the theme of mindfulness is not reacting to stress or by being swept away by negative thoughts and emotions, but just learning how to slow down, decrease reactivity, and make mindful decisions that make a healthy farm.”


Viebrock added at each one of the 31 locations, they will have a panel of local women farmers.


“And this is important to participants because they like to hear about their friends and neighbors who are farmers and what’s happening with them.  And this local panel will talk about how they’ve developed their own personal self care plan to deal with the day-to-day events, how they make decisions, and then how they face the challenges of being a farmer.”


In addition to the educational information, Viebrock said the Women in Ag Conference is a great way to network.  Last year nearly 500 women attended, and WSU is expecting a similar turnout.


To learn more or to register, visit WSU’s Website.  Those who pay before Saturday, January 18th, will ensure an early bird special.






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