Fordyce: Don’t Wait To Enroll In ARC, PLC

The ARC and PLC signup deadline for 2019 crops is March 15th, but the FSA is encouraging you to act now.


“It seems a ways out right now, but it’ll sneak up on us quickly,” said Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce.  That is one reason he is urging producers not to wait; fearing there could be a last-minute stampede, to sign up.  He added procrastination creates problems for the producer, as well as FSA employees.


“But, it will certainly make the job easier for us if we can start filling up the days right now with appointments and farmers coming in and getting signed up. It makes that getting across the finish line by March 15th a little bit easier if we can really get started and really ramp up sign-up now,” Fordyce continued.



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