Kretz Introduces Labeling Legislation

Washington state Representative Joel Kretz is sponsoring legislation in Olympia that he says would clarify from where beef comes.  The Wauconda Republican said it’s important to bring back truth in labeling, to ensure the general public understands if a product comes from the U.S. or not.   House Bill 2712 would require retailers to post […]

Vilsack: U.S. Dairy Future Looks Bright

Thanks to sluggish milk prices and trade uncertainty, it’s been a challenging couple of years for American dairy producers.  But Tom Vilsack, President and ECO of the U.S. Dairy Export Council, believes the industry is now on the track upward.  He said American dairy farmers are competing much better on the open market against Australia, […]

Looking At Growing Hemp? You May Want To Slow Down

When hemp became legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, there was a lot of buzz in farm country about what that would look like as an everyday crop, and who would grow it.  It’s not just farmers that are curious about the newly legal commodity, many in the Ag banking sector are watching hemp very […]

Active Weather Expected To Continue Into February

Several back to back systems have given the Ag community reason for excitement.  After a very dry December and a dry start to the New Year, Marilyn Lohmann with the National Weather Service says the area finally received some much needed snow.  She said the Cascades were one of the main beneficiaries.   “Over the […]

Australian Shepherd From Utah Named AFBF Farm Dog Of The Year

Congratulations to Flint, an Australian shepherd from Utah.  The pup was named the 2020 Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year, during the annual AFBF Convention in Austin, TX.  The contest celebrates farm dogs that work alongside farmers and ranchers to produce nutritious food for families and their pets across America.  Owner Beth Crandall said […]

Perdue Confirms Third Round of Trade Assistance for Farmers

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue confirmed Tuesday that American farmers will receive a third round of trade assistance this year to help producers with their 2019 losses.   President Trump hinted at additional aid during his address on Sunday at the American Farm Bureau national convention.  However, Perdue says, “No maybe about it.”  Looking ahead to […]

How Will Phase One Be Enforced?

Phase One has been signed.  But now the new question facing the Ag community, how will the agreement be enforced?   “The assistant USTR level,” said the US Trade Representative’s Office Chief AG Negotiator, Gregg Doud.  “The U.S. and China are going to meet on a monthly basis and have conversations about things. And if […]

NCBA VP Happy With Recent Trade Activity

Todd Wilkinson, the Vice President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Policy Division thinks the flurry of recently approved global trade agreements will be good for the U.S. cattle industry.   “Obviously, it’s foremost in everybody’s mind right now, because signing with China, and we’ve also had a good year with the EU finally agreeing […]

Poll: Farmers Continue To Support Trump

A new poll shows President Trump continues to enjoy strong support from American farmers.  A recent Farm Journal poll shows 83% of people in the agriculture industry approve of his job performance.  That’s the highest level of support Trump has received in that poll of almost 1,300 people at the American Farm Bureau convention.   […]

USDA Looking At Making Changes To School Meal Programs

The USDA is changing the school and summer meals program.   “That’s really why we’re here to talk about the announce and more flexibility regarding the types of vegetables when they meet minimum requirements they got more flexibility to serve vegetables that kids are eating,” said Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue.  “Overall we’ve listened to these […]