How Will Phase One Be Enforced?

Phase One has been signed.  But now the new question facing the Ag community, how will the agreement be enforced?


“The assistant USTR level,” said the US Trade Representative’s Office Chief AG Negotiator, Gregg Doud.  “The U.S. and China are going to meet on a monthly basis and have conversations about things. And if they can’t unravel it and get it resolved at that level; two to four times a year we’re going to meet at my level the Vice-Minister’s level.”


And then to the principals level, like US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, if any issue remains unresolved.  And if a solution is not reached at that level?


“Either country has the right to put tariffs on commensurate with the value of whatever the problem is,” Doud said.  “And, importantly if and when that happens, the other side cannot retaliate. The goal is not to have that happen, and I will tell you that’s very sincere on both sides.”



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