NCBA VP Happy With Recent Trade Activity

Todd Wilkinson, the Vice President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Policy Division thinks the flurry of recently approved global trade agreements will be good for the U.S. cattle industry.


“Obviously, it’s foremost in everybody’s mind right now, because signing with China, and we’ve also had a good year with the EU finally agreeing to pick up some additions U.S. beef. And, the other big news was Japan last month.”


He said USMCA will be beneficial for producers nationwide.  He added another priority for cattle producers in 2020 is protecting the beef market.


“Issues with packers and some of the issues that came up as a result of the fire in the Kansas plant. I know that seems like a long time ago, but we need to keep those issues in the forefront and try to come to some solution so we don’t get ourselves into a pickle where the market gets squeezed by market forces that are beyond our control,” Wilkinson added.



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