Perdue Confirms Third Round of Trade Assistance for Farmers

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue confirmed Tuesday that American farmers will receive a third round of trade assistance this year to help producers with their 2019 losses.


President Trump hinted at additional aid during his address on Sunday at the American Farm Bureau national convention.  However, Perdue says, “No maybe about it.”  Looking ahead to 2020, the secretary doesn’t see a similar program in the New Year because of the Phase One Trade Agreement with China, as well as other trade deals in place.


“Now, let’s grow stuff, let’s produce things, and let’s sell stuff,” he told the farmers in attendance. While speaking, Perdue did acknowledge the various challenges 2019 had on U.S. agriculture but thinks there are brighter days ahead this year.


“We’re talking about doubling the number of ag imports to China, way more than they’ve ever purchased from us before,” Perdue said. “And, those purchases are going to come throughout the whole United States’ ag sector.”


The president said farmers told him they don’t want anything but a level playing field.  Because of the trade deals he’s signed, Trump says farmers “now have what they want,” and better days are ahead.



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