USDA Looking At Making Changes To School Meal Programs

The USDA is changing the school and summer meals program.


“That’s really why we’re here to talk about the announce and more flexibility regarding the types of vegetables when they meet minimum requirements they got more flexibility to serve vegetables that kids are eating,” said Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue.  “Overall we’ve listened to these school professionals, whom I trust their heart is in making kids healthy and feeding ‘em and helping them to eat what we put in front of them.”

Perdue said the USDA is trying to address problems from the past.


“What we were having happen with the sodium requirements and the 100% whole grain requirements were the palatability of the meals and caused a serious reduction in kids using them either taking them or throwing them away and wasting them in the trash can.”

The two rules will be published in the public register Thursday.  Public comment will be accepted for the next 60 days.



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