Idaho Parma Plan Takes Big Step Thanks To Albertson’s Foundation

The University of Idaho is one step closer to breaking ground on their new research facility in Parma, thanks to a $1 million investment last month by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson’s Foundation.  The school is looking to establish the Idaho Center for Plant and Soil Health at the Center located outside of Boise.


Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences dean Michael Parrella said once open the $7 million facility will help a variety of commodities across the Gem state.  And in response, seven commodity groups across the state have donated to the Parma project, in addition to the recent Albertson’s investment.


“But here, they’re giving money to support the expansion of Parma, it will be a new facility, ultimately they’ll benefit from that work being done.  But there isn’t in a sense a direct line back in terms of the return on investment.  They are actually investing in what I’ll call the greater good.”


Parrella said the research done at Parma will help a variety of growers statewide, from wheat to potatoes to hops and more.  And he added the research will benefit farm country across the west.


“You just can’t think of the research being done as being restricted to Idaho.  There’s connections from a research prospective not only in the Pacific Northwest but beyond.”


To date, the University of Idaho has raised $3,050,000 for the construction project.





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