How Do USDA Programs Help Exporters?

The USDA has a variety of programs to help those that export their goods overseas.

But what kind of help do those programs offer?

Wayne Gale, with the American Seed Association said they were able to use Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development program after trade disruptions with China; one of the US seed industry’s largest export markets.


“We’re using FMD and MAP money to develop and identify other countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya; as alternated to growing flower and vegetable seed in China.”


And the Agricultural Trade Promotion Program offered as part of USDA’s trade mitigation package provided additional opportunities for US AG businesses to diversify markets.


“Those groups that are out promoting U.S. Ag exports were hungry and excited about having additional monies to explore and invest in markets that they weren’t able to do before that package,” said Veronica Nigh with the American Farm Bureau Federation.



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