Future of Farming: USDA Helping Students With Debt Via The 1890 Scholarship Program

Forest Service IT Specialist LaTeese Edwards, studied computer science in college, and received help via USDA.


“When I first did computer science I was like what does computer science relate to agriculture? But working for the forest service and being in IT every day I get to see how we can support the firefighters and people in the field. We help them help everybody else.”


Finding this link was important because USDA 1890 Scholarship paid for her tuition room and board and afterwards helped her find a job at USDA.  Meanwhile, what’s the best part about not having student debt?


“My friends talk about it, and you know people talk about it all the time, about student loans and then I’m like okay, I’m kinda glad I don’t know that that feels like.”


The deadline for applications for the 1890 Program this year is January 31st.



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