Hemp/CBD Connex Event Gets Underway Wednesday in Portland

The future of the hemp and CBD industry will take center stage at the Portland Expo Center Wednesday and Thursday, during the Connex event.  The two day event will focus on the evolution of the hemp market, talk about what resources and sale opportunities exist for growers and what’s being done to promote hemp across the Northwest and nationally.


Bonny Jo Peterson with the Industrial Hemp Association of Washington said since growers and the industry are learning together, this will be a great opportunity to find out what works and what doesn’t.


“There’s no experts out there.  If somebody comes and say they are an expert in growing hemp, then kick them off the farm.  And I tell everybody that.  There are no experts, it’s finding what’s worked here, and what’s worked there, and continuing to collect that data to see what is actually working.”


She noted successful efforts in Oregon won’t necessarily work in Kentucky or other states across the country.  And she added there’s even a big difference between what farmers on both sides of the Cascades can do for a healthy crop.


Peterson said many basic questions remain, such as how to dry hemp once it’s been harvested, what markets exist and how to overcome disagreements.  All of which will be addressed during this week’s Connex event.


Peterson added hemp is not marijuana, and it’s much more that “just rope”.  She said it’s important that needed infrastructure be put in place so growers and realize the full potential of hemp.


“With the building end of things, that is where, I believe, the next rush will come in, as well as on the grain end of things, you know for hemp seed oil, hemp hearts, and then the dual crops that will be introduced here in the next couple of years with extractable levels of CBD and other cannabinoids.”


Peterson added prices are all over the map right now for hemp, making the transition even more challenging.


Click Here to learn more about this week’s Hemp/CBD Connex event.





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