Oil Prices Rebound Slightly After Coronavirus Concerns

Oil prices traded higher Tuesday, with West Texas Crude trading around $53 per barrel.  That upward movement came just a day after concerns over the coronavirus sent panic through the oil market, and most investment markets thanks to slowdowns, business cancellations, and travel restrictions across China.


At this point the Coronavirus has not impacted fuel prices in the United States.  When taking a look at the national price for diesel, the average price dropped three cents this week, to $2.96.  Meanwhile, Washington’s average slipped two center to at $3.33. And Oregon’s average came in at $3.22 a gallon, a drop of two cents.  Idaho’s average diesel prices slipped two cents this week to $3.18.


Here are some of the lowest diesel prices across the Inland Northwest:

  • $2.99 a gallon in the Tri-Cities
  • $3.03 a gallon in Wenatchee
  • $2.99 a gallon in Pullman/Moscow
  • $3.05 a gallon in Lewiston
  • $3.37 a gallon in Ephrata
  • $2.95 a gallon in Quincy
  • $3.12 a gallon in Moses Lake
  • $3.17 a gallon in Pendleton
  • $3.19 a gallon in Walla Walla
  • $2.99 a gallon in Yakima


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