Prime Act Benefits Rural Urban Washington Alike, Ericksen Says

Cattlemen across Washington have expressed frustration regarding challenges when it comes to selling custom slaughter, wrap, and package products across the state as well as across state lines


In response state Senator Doug Ericksen has introduced the Prime Act.  The legislation would direct the Washington state Department of Agriculture to inspect and certify slaughter houses so local ranchers can start selling custom wrapping and custom packing.


“To me, this is the kind of bill that liberals and conservatives should agree on, city and rural people should agree on.  Because my city people always want to buy local they say, and know where their food is coming from, this would allow it.  And it’s also a great economic stimulant for my rural cattlemen.”


Ericksen adds he’s hopeful rural Democrats such as those on the peninsula will give this legislation a fair shake to help meet a variety of needs across Washington.


Ericksen’s Prime Act will get a hearing in Olympia Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.



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