Could Coronavirus Impact Phase One?

The rapidly spreading Coronavirus is raising fears of an impact on China’s ability to implement its Phase One trade deal with the U.S.  But trade analysts in agriculture and other sectors aren’t too concerned.  American Farm Bureau Federation trade adviser Dave Salmonsen said the Phase One deal with China worth close to $40-billion a year in, won’t take effect until February 14th.


“That doesn’t officially begin for a few more weeks.  This is there Lunar New Years’ time.  I think, from what I’ve heard, normally, business activity slows down a little bit.”


On top of the Salmonsen noted.


“This is meant to be a two-year deal.  Certainly hope it continues on, after that, but, at least the specifics of the Phase One part of this deal are for 2020 an 2021.  We’re certainly all looking forward to, and want to have the second phase, the Phase Two of this, start up at some point, hopefully, later this year,” said Salmonsen.




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