Perdue Not Sure If Coronavirus Will Impact Phase One

Could the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak in China reduce the chances of China’s meeting its requirements of Phase One?


For Ag Secretary, Sonny Perdue it’s too early to tell.  He said at this point he said, the outbreak is causing ‘general economic’ disruptions.


“It’s already dislodged a number of people,” Perdue recently noted.  “You know that travel has disrupted. I think the last number I saw were 46 million people sheltering in place in China. So it’s obviously going to have some ramifications economy-wide which we hope will not inhibit the purchase goal that we have for this year.”


But again, Perdue pointed out there’s no way to predict that.  Meanwhile, at the White House on Wednesday, President Trump said he had talked with Chinese President, Xi, about the virus situation


“I think our relationship with China now might be the best it’s been in a long, long time,” Trump said.



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