What Does Brexit Mean For U.S. Ag Trade?

It officially happened Friday, the United Kingdom is no longer a part of the European Union.  Now speculation grows on when the U.S. and the UK will begin negotiations on a trade agreement.


“In my mind that’s a legitimate top 10 market for US agriculture so when the flag drops, we’ll be off and running,” said Gregg Doud the chief Ag negotiator at USTR.  “With a discussion with the UK this year at some point is our expectation.”


Agriculture Secretary, Sonny Perdue,  said he also plans a visit with UK counterparts in 2020.


“I’ll be traveling there before the G-20,” scheduled for this November in Saudi Arabia.


A main topic of any U.S./UK bi-lateral trade discussions from an Ag perspective is the UK’s current food safety rules that currently mirror EU regulations; including bans on US farm goods such as chemically treated chicken.



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