Administration Looking To Help Rural Communities Combat Drug Addiction

The White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy has released a new guide tool for rural leaders who are facing drug addiction in their communities.


“This tool is really designed to help educate local leaders and better understanding some of the issues, the topics that they might need to address if addiction is in their community, and then some of the recommended action steps each of those topics,” said Anne Hazlett the office’s Senior Advisor for Rural Affairs says the Rural Community Action Guide compliments to other guides.


“We have had a tool that as addressed the data piece, and we’ve had a tool that addresses the funding piece,” Hazlet added.


The target audience is primarily local leaders at the county level, which Hazlett noted could be a county sheriff, a commissioner or someone else.


To learn more, visit the USDA’s Website, and click on the “Community Toolbox” section halfway down the page.



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