Becker Resolution Honors Washington Dairy

The old saying is once a dairy farmer, always a dairy farmer.  That was the spirit behind a resolution Washington state Senator Randi Becker’s unveiled Wednesday, honoring the state’s dairy industry.  Becker said many outside of the Ag industry don’t appreciate what dairy farmers mean to the state of Washington.


“They have done a remarkable job, to make sure that whatever they are doing is to protect the environment and yet provide things to us that are absolutely amazing.  I mean 70% of the calcium that our children get on a daily basis comes from milk.”


Sponsored annually on Dairy Day, in the Legislature, the resolution recognizes the hard work and commitment of dairy farmers as well as the State Dairy Commission and Dairy Ambassadors, formerly known as Dairy Princesses.


“And I’m hopeful that with this contents these young women that are sitting here before us, realize that there’s no limit in what they can achieve in their entire lives.”


A popular feature to Dairy Day has been the dairy ambassador contest.  Unfortunately, this will be its last year.  The dairy industry says it can no longer afford to continue the program as it struggles due to low milk prices.


Becker and Olympia Republican grew up on a dairy farm.



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