Some In Oregon Ag Say Cap-And-Trade Is Needed

The 2020 Oregon legislative session starts February 3rd, and from the start, one of the most hotly debates proposals, was a continuation of one of the most hotly debated topics from 2019.  Lawmakers in Salem are looking at Cap-And-Trade, and while most of the Ag industry is opposed to the proposal the way it sits now, including the Oregon Farm Bureau, some producers would like to see Cap-and-Trade implemented.


The Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network, representing more than 250 farmers and ranchers across the state, is calling for strong climate action this session, including passing Cap-And-Trade.  Taylor Starr runs White Oak Farm in southern Oregon, and believes many of the farm lobbying groups against Cap-And-Trade, are in the pocket of the big Ag industry.


“Getting a balanced perspective from the agricultural community, and the small farming community and the organic farming community, you see that there’s a lot of farmers who are experiencing already the impacts of climate change and are really excited about the possibilities with this bill.”


Starr said he is concerned about growing drought in the region and bigger wildfire seasons, which can be hazardous to his workers as well as his crops.  Other groups, such as Timber Unity, which held a rally in Salem Thursday, believe Cap-And-Trade threatens their livelihood.



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